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Why choose ASUS Notebooks

Way choose laptop made by these ODM or OEM

Normally, the "Name Brand" notebooks/laptops manufacturer are not 100% manufactured by themselves which means they are not design and assemble the barebones, accessories and display. The so called "Name Brand" notebooks/laptops manufacturer just label their own name and provide service and support to consumer. They outsourcing from various ODM, which is called Original Design Manufacturer (ODM). These ODMs sell their notebooks/laptops barebones to different OEMs who then install CPU, Memory, Hard Drive and other accessories. These OEMs label it and market their own so called "Name Brand" notebooks / laptops to consumer.

So, when you buy DELL, HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Gateway, Apple and even IBM these so called "name brand" notebooks/laptops PC manufacturer, actually they are made by these ODM. Who are primary ODM and did OEM for these "Name Brand" notebooks/laptops, such as: Quanta, Compel, ASUS, Winstron, Clevo, Arima, Inventec, FIC, Mitac and Twinhead. The "Name Brand" company will purchase from them and depending on the percentages.

Here are some information we have for the "Name Brand" coming from different ODM as below:

Why we choose ASUS Notebooks PC

We all know, Asus is the No.1 of the Desktop Motherboard manufacturer in the world. Why ASUS is the No. 1, Quality and Quality Control is the main reason. Please reference Asus Corporate Mission. ASUS made some model for SONY, Apple and IBM.

Asustek grabs Sony notebook order
Original date: 2005/8/8, Source said.
Asustek Computer recently beat out Quanta Computer and Foxconn Electronics to grab an order from Sony for a high-end notebook, with volume shipments slated for the second quarter of 2006. Monthly shipments of the order are estimated to reach 10,000-20,000 units, according to the paper.

In the past, Asustek and Quanta were the main notebook contract manufacturers for Sony. Existing orders that Asustek obtained from Sony will be fulfilled by the end of this quarter.
Asustek lands notebook orders from NEC
Original date: 2005/8/3, Source said.
Asustek Computer recently secured a notebook order from Japan-based NEC, with volume shipments slated for September.
Asustek lands notebook orders from HP
Original date: 2005/7/26, Source said.
Asustek Computer recently secured an assembly order for consumer-use notebooks from Hewlett-Packard (HP), with volume shipments slated for the end of this year.
Asustek snatches Apple iBook orders from Quanta
Original date: 2005/6/20, Source said.
Asustek Computer recently beat out Quanta Computer to grab orders from Apple Computer for a 14.1-inch widescreen iBook model, with shipments to total about 500,000 notebooks.

Last year, Asustek shipped more than one million notebooks to Apple. According to sources, the company produced Apple’s 12.1-inch iBook and 12.1-inch PowerBook. Asustek also secured orders for the 15.4-inch iBook, which will be launched in 2006, the sources added.

Quanta is a major contract maker for the Apple PowerBook series.
Asustek received volume orders for 12.1-inch OEM notebooks from Sharp
Original date: 2005/1/17, Source said.
Sharp has increased its outsourcing of electronics products from Taiwan, placing orders with Asustek Computer for the manufacture of a 12.1-inch slim-type notebook. (It was modified by Asus S5N model.)

Asustek may produce about 30,000 12.1-inch notebooks for Sharp, who will unveil the model in Japan on January 21, the paper said, adding that the contract project may carry over to include another 12.1-inch model and one 10.6-inch notebook in the near future.
Asustek to begin volume shipments of 17-inch notebooks to Sony in 2H
Original date: 2004/6/9, Source said.
Motherboard maker Asustek Computer has reportedly received orders for 17-inch wide-screen notebooks from Sony, with volume shipments to begin in the second half of this year, according to sources at Taiwanese notebook makers.
Asustek likely to land OEM notebook orders from IBM
Original date: 2004/2/23, Source said.
After becoming an OEM notebook contract maker for Sony and Apple Computer, Asustek Computer is expected to land notebook orders from IBM.

Asustek and IBM are expected to soon finalize an initial order for up to several hundred thousand units a year, with deliveries starting in the second half, the report said.

Sources at Asustek declined to comment on the report but are confident that the company will be able to ship about three million notebooks in 2004, according to the paper.
Asustek passes Wistron to become third-largest notebook maker in Taiwan
Original date: 2004/1/9, Source said.
Asustek Computer shipped between 1.85 million and 1.9 million notebooks in 2003, more than doubling from 900,000 units in 2002 and propelling the company past Wistron to rank as Taiwan’s third-largest notebook maker, sources said.
Asustek replaces Acer as a larger notebook vendor in China in 3Q
Original date: 2004/11/7, Source said.
Asustek Computer shipped 29,200 notebooks in China in the third quarter, replacing Acer as the sixth-largest notebook vendor in the domestic market, according to data from the China Center for Information Industry Development (CCID), as cited by Chunghwa Information & Communication Technology (ICT).
Everyone knows that IBM, SONY or APPLE are the high quality "Name Brand" company. So, you know that when you buy Asus Notebooks PC means your buy IBM, SONY or APPLE same high quality products with reasonable price.
Why consumer like to buy ASUS Notebooks PC
AGearNotebooks.com is an authorized reseller from ASUS. AGearNotebooks.com is not only an online shopping dealer but also provide customer satisfactions professional service and support.  Here are some customers reviews for ASUS Notebooks PC. You can find out all the customers reviews from our Store at Yahoo Store Merchant Review.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
The friend of a friend recommended ASUS and I followed up with research. I was a bit nervous about ordering an ASUS, because I hadn't tested one of the computers. Also, I was unfamiliar with AGear. Not to worry! The S5A lived up to its billing and the service from AGear was exceptional. Its refreshing to speak to a real person in real time. Before I purchased the ASUS, I looked at ultra portables from SONY, IBM, SHARP, and Fugisu. I'm pleased with my ASUS. Its stylish, light, comes with extras, and is competitively priced. One of my friends is ordering the same model I ordered.
Comments: Customer's customized Asus S5A:
Asus S5A + 512MB Memory + 9-Cell Battery.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
Frank was amazing. Any questions I had about the system, or the testing of the system before it went out, was clearly explained before the purchase was even made. Frank was very knowledgeable about the system I was looking into getting and made suggestions as far as customization was concerned. Overall, a great experience. Never has spending so much money all at once been so acceptable. I'm thrilled with the computer I've bought, and will recommend that no one EVER buy a Dell or any other major brand. I was switching from an IBM. While IBMs are very utilitarian, they're not pretty. This ASUS is both pretty and amazingly useful. The technology is cutting edge, and the support is, so far as good as IBMs. Hopefully Ill never have to use the support options available to me, but its very good to know that someone as helpful as Frank is there for me.
Comments: Customer's customized Asus W3V:
Asus W3V + Intel PM 770 - 2.13GHz + 2GB Memory + 60GB, 5400rpm Hard Disk.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
It is really slim, light weight and esthetic notebook. It has very good performances even compared with my desktop (P4 2.8): practically equivalent. I tested several game demonstrations (Farcry, HL2) which are completely playable in 1024x768 with its ATI X600. The screen 15" SXGA+ (1400x1050) is really good. The keyboard is correct without more. I use sometimes the touchpad but I use more the optical mini-mouse Logitech delivered with, which appears rather pleasant. The fan is working practically permanently: at 1400 RPM, the fan noise is very bearable even in a quiet room. In more intensive use, the fan goes up easily at 1700 and even 2200 RPM (by ex in games). With activated Wi-Fi and 1GB of RAM, the autonomy is about 2h30/40.
Comments: Customer's customized Asus V6V:
Asus V6V + 1.0GB Memory.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
The W1N is awesome, I use Music and Video Software, and so far it performs great. It also looks great, very stylish. I will be using it ON-STAGE in live performances playing back video while we perform. Before this notebook I gave the G4 PowerBook a try and believe me this notebook OUTPERFORMS it easily. I would also like to let everyone know about AGEARNOTEBOOKS the service was great I was informed of every detail during the shipping process. Thanks AGearNotebooks.com. Hessler
Comments: Customer's customized Asus W1N:
Asus W1N + 2.0GHz Dothan + 1.0GB Memory + 60GB, 7200rpm Hard Disk.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
Fast, friendly and competent. Sales at AGearNotebooks.com had great advice and efficient service. Highly recommended. I congratulate AGearNotebooks.com on outstanding service.
Now for the ASUS W1N:
(1) Ergonomics - quality of materials and workmanship is very high, the use of aluminum alloy adds rigidity to a thin and light chassis, and dampens vibrations for a solid feel while typing. The layout and design are superb.
(2) LCD - the 16:10 ratio is very good because it provides a wide viewable area with high resolution. Documents or 2 full size Digital Video windows can be placed parallel to each other. In my business of video analysis and editing, this is priceless. Moreover the contrast/brightness/color are top notch, making watching DVDs or other video formats a real pleasure.
(3) Performance - The notebook is very fast, I chose the 7,200 RPM option. The machine renders video to MPEG II and DV fast and without problems, playback of editing preview is stutter-free even at high bit-rates. The pre-set power options are simple to use and an excellent idea. The DVD burner in a thin notebook - WOW! The bundled software for DVD - all you need.
(4) Sound - a very bright and sharp speaker system, with headphones you can optimize for beautiful sound quality - nice on those 10+ hour flights to the other hemisphere. The little headset has a crisp sound.
I work daily with a notebook (4-5 hours most days) This one is a winner. I bet the motherboard/circuitry is really super. Thanks ASUS.
Comments: Customer's customized Asus W1N:
Asus W1N + 1.8GHz Dothan + 1.0GB Memory + 60GB, 7200rpm Hard Disk.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
The Asus W1N is a great machine with a big bright latchless widescreen display. I like the ability to have two applications open side by side. AGearNotebooks.com was one of the only sites that allows you to customize the W1N to your specifications. Options included adding Office Suites, AC adapters, car/airplane adapters, CPU upgrades and several external peripherals. Service doesn't stop after the sale. The great folks at AGearNotebooks.com helped me with a small problem. They even contacted Asus on my behalf. You can buy a computer anywhere, you may even save a buck or two but where can you get service like this. Ill tell you AGearNotebooks.com that's where.
Comments: Customer's customized Asus W1N:
Asus W1N + 2.0GHz Dothan + 1.0GB Memory + 80GB, 5400rpm Hard Disk.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
Ordered a W1N and Frank made sure that I received this notebook as soon as it became available. They provide excellent communication and customer service and will make sure that you are pleased with your purchase. The notebook is very stylish and thin, and the 16:10 WSXGA+ display provides a benefit not only to DVDs but also really enhances whatever task you are doing on the notebook. Happy with both the machine and service and would recommend AGearNotebooks.com for anyone in the market for a new notebook. Quality merchant that will make sure that you are pleased with your notebook, and that is available for assistance should you ever need it.
Comments: Customer's customized Asus W1N:
Asus W1N + 1.7GHz Dothan + 768MB Memory + 80GB, 5400rpm Hard Disk.
by a AGearNotebooks.com customer via post-transaction survey
I chose to purchase the Asus model M6Ne from AGearNotebooks.com and I couldn't be happier. Sales calls with Frank went smoothly and he handled all my questions with clear answers.

My first impression of this machine is that it is BIG, that is Big on size but small on power use. Boot up and installation went smoothly and I was immediately impressed with the speed of the machine both booting and manipulating my applications.

My Options:
Pentium 4M 1.7GHz Dothan 768 MB RAM 80 GB Hard Drive CD-RW/DVD-ROM Intel B/G card SXGA+ 15.1 1400x1050 ATI 9700 64 MB.

Ample for today's modern business class user and as I don't indulge too much with the games I am more than happy with the blistering performance. In fact I had anticipated that it would be quite a bit slower so not only am I happy, I am some what surprised and baffled by the speed and fluidity both on the power supply and on the battery power.

Never ceasing to live up to my expectations with tremendous power even though I opted for the slowest processor; I never feel a lag time for my apps or any shortcoming relating to my work, the screen offers enough desktop space for all my work without compromise.

I have been using the machine for a week now and have had fantastic success with the battery (which is the reason that I made this choice). This machine offers the largest size screen with the longest battery life and some fantastic features. I have had no problem working continuously for over 4 hours on my wireless network without any sign of the battery giving out, it was only when I left the machine on for another three hours (7 hours total) that the battery finally gave up the ghost and needed to be recharged. But of course I haven't yet employed my secondary battery which will allow me another 4.5 hours of continuous work.

Best of all I am most pleased with the USB 2.0 ports as I like to edit movies and burn them to DVD and find the ability to connect several external DVD burners via the USB 2.0 ports to be invaluable and while I can admit that this is not an ideal video editing station, it is more than ample for my meager needs.

I would recommend this machine to anyone that needs a desktop equivalent for the road and would like to be able to feature presentations from their laptop screen or a projector. This machine offers versatility that I would like to see more of in the name brand market. If this is one of your choices, don't hesitate you won't be sorry.

A couple of negatives about this, the leading edge of the laptop has a corner on it which can make for a sore spot where your arm/hand rests if the machine is too high (I don’t have this problem if it's on my lap) and the keyboard isn't an IBM, by this I mean that the key's have a springy almost bouncy feel rather than the soft elastic feel of the typical IBM laptop and the keyboard itself looks to be grafted on from an entirely different machine. All in all though my complaints are whole heartedly overshadowed by the beauty of this machine.

Best wishes in your decision and happy typing.

Most of all, Thank You Frank for delivering a fantastic laptop that I anticipate providing me with many, many months of seamless enjoyment
The above is part of our customers' reviews for Asus Notebooks PC to describe why they like Asus Notebooks PC. You can find out all other customers reviews for Asus Notebooks PC from our Store at Yahoo Store Merchant Review.